AVP San Fran Open 2017 Semis Ty Loomis & Maddison McKibbin vs Ed Ratledge & Eric Zaun

AVP San Francisco Open 2017: Men’s Semifinal #5 Ty Loomis & Maddison McKibbin vs #3 Ed Ratledge & Eric Zaun


Other Pros Featured:


Partner: The Bearded Brother Maddison McKibbin  (Facebook, Instagram)


Ed Ratledge (Facebook, Instagram) & Eric Zaun (Facebook, Instagram)


Video Credit:


AVP.com  (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube)


Date: July 9th, 2017


Event Details:


One of four tournaments held in the state of California, the San Francisco event is unlike the other three. As opposed to the deep sands on the natural beaches in Southern California, this competition takes place on a pier with the scenic Bay Bridge looming overhead.


Although last year’s event ended a six-year hiatus from San Francisco, the past three years have all been won by players who have competed in the Olympics. In this event, the cream of the crop always seem to rise.


Location:  Embarcadaro Pier 30-32- 599, The Embarcadero, San Francisco, CA, 94107.


Read more at http://avp.com/event/san-francisco-open/.


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