Stormy Blues – A GoPro Timelapse of Laguna Beach | Ty Loomis
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Stormy Blues – A GoPro Timelapse of Laguna Beach

Stormy Blues – A GoPro Timelapse of Laguna Beach


#Viewsfromthe2566 #CreativelySocial @CreativelySocial


Nearing the first days of fall a few days ago, Laguna Beach blessed us with this beautiful day, where the the horizon with filled with scattered rain clouds, light winds and a bright blue sky towards the end of the video. So poetic … I know.


This timelapse was recorded overlooking Pacific Coast Highway in Laguna Beach, with Catalina Island and the Pacific Ocean in the background.


Practice Shoot Details:


Title: Stormy Blues
Camera: GoPro Hero Session 4
Date: September 20th, 2016
Location: Victoria Beach, Laguna Beach, Ca
Settings: 30fps 1080p
Timelapse Speed: 2500x
Enhancements: Cool Flares. Light Exposure. Light Saturation.
Music: Alone by Petit Bisquit
Created By: Ty Loomis


Luckily, we have great visibility in Laguna Beach from our #Viewsfromthe2566.  We can see all the way from the Montage Resort / Victoria Beach area (to the left of the video), Catalina Island (center) and Huntington Beach Pier and Palos Verdes hills (to the right). It’s the best ever!


I’ve been in a creative mind set and a compete nerd to start my AVP Beach Volleyball off season.  I’ve been inspired to learn how to make digital media come to life, to master Amazon Selling and other creative ways to make money online. These skills include strategies of Sell on Amazon, Branding, Designing, Growth Hacks, Photoshop, to Video Editing skills and more on


If you haven’t heard of Lynda yet, you should. Lynda is absolutely one of my favorite websites to learn any technical skills you desire from. All for around $30 / month. It’s definitely the future of learning.


I’m a novice photographer and video editor (for now), but I am loving the creativity I am learning from studying photography, photo editing, video, video editing and more.


I hope you enjoyed my timelapse. If you have any ideas of what I should shoot next in Laguna Beach, please let me know.


Have any comments, ideas, GoPro tips, or timelapse tips? Please share them in the comments below.


You rock.  Thanks



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